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In PE this guy was going to throw my friend the baseball and his friend saw that and said “No don’t throw it to her, she throws like a girl.” He threw it to her anyway. In turn, she threw it at his friend, hit him where the sun don’t shine and said “Thanks.” They didn’t know she is an A team overhand softball pitcher.

Seriously. You know what changes these perceptions? People just letting them happen. Kids do not care. They understand the ideas of a game and let it happen. Just go for it, kids. Have fun and dob;t hurt anyone, anyway you please.

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I worry that the chemicals in my brain will make sad again. That I’ll believe things that aren’t true because they’re easier. That people I love won’t miss me if I disappear. Humans are amazing and I love our great potential for joy, but so bright a sun must cast an intensely deep shadow.

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The hunt begins…



The hunt begins…